Russian politician vows to whitewash Kremlin, set up field tribunals as president


MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia is going to bring to the 2018 presidential election race a program of 100 points, the highlights of which are an amnesty, humanization of the Criminal Code, the setting-up of field tribunals, and lime-washing of the Kremlin walls.

The LDPR circulated the text of the program on Thursday. It said earlier it would nominate Zhirinovsky as a candidate for presidency. This will be his sixth race for the Kremlin office since 1991.

The title of the program is "One Hundred Steps: Time for a Great Thrust Forward". Zhirinovsky specifies its objectives as "putting things into order and helping each family means for affluence, not for subsistence."

"The affluence for all people should be our main objective while a job, an apartment and free healthcare should be the main guarantees," the program says.

As one of the first steps after getting to the presidential office, Zhirinovsky promises to issue the passports of the Russian Federations "to all [ethnic] Russians" and to protect the fellow-countrymen living abroad."

"I will not let anyone abroad pluck children out of Russian families," he says.

The list of top priority measures also includes an amnesty and humanization of the Criminal Code. For struggle with crime, Zhirinovsky proposes to create field tribunals and to lift the moratorium on death penalties.

He also promises to work hard so that "no one from the South [an obvious reference to the Caucasus and Central Asia - TASS] could commit crimes in the center of Russia.’

"Special focus will be given to struggle with corruption," the program says. "Officials will be discharged and their properties confiscated if they take bribes, while business people will be obliged to make a threefold repayment of what they stole."

Zhirinovsky plans "building a country without Communism, Nazism, racism, or authoritarianism", declaring any revolutions an absolute evil, returning old names to cities, and naming a street in Moscow after Ivan the terrible.