Thursday Night Report: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Launches to $45M Domestic; Reaches $60.8M Overseas In Two Days


Friday Update: Star Wars: The Last Jedi soared to $45 million domestically on Thursday evening, marking the second best Thursday night launch of all-time. That comes in behind The Force Awakens’ $57 million by just 21 percent, while topping Rogue One‘s $29 million by 55 percent. Of note, IMAX venues generated $5.3 million last night, just a hair behind Awakens‘ $5.37 million record launch in the format two years ago.

If the film behaves in a pattern similar to that of Force Awakens, an opening weekend around $195-200 million appears likely. Initial word of mouth from audiences is a bit more divisive for Last Jedi than it was for the 2015 release, though, so different day-to-day trajectories could play out.

Overseas, The Last Jedi is off to an equally strong start with Disney reporting the sequel has amassed $60.8 million in two days thus far, giving it a $105.8 million global total through Thursday night. The film opened in 14 markets on December 13, followed by another 34 markets on December 14. Disney notes that the same group of territories represent earnings 63 percent ahead of Rogue One and 25 percent behind Force Awakens at the comparable point. The film opens in Japan and Spain today for a day-and-date release across all territories except China, which opens on January 5.

Meanwhile, Ferdinand opened to $350,000 from 5pm shows on Thursday night. With most schools around the country still in session yesterday, that’s a relatively encouraging early performance ahead of the weekend. We’ll have a better idea of how its weekend will play out after Friday estimates roll in Saturday morning.

Check below for a breakdown of The Last Jedi‘s overseas earnings thus far. We’ll continue to update via Twitter and in this post with official reports from the studio as they become available. First weekend estimates will be available following Friday’s official estimate on Saturday morning.

Detailed Overseas Reports:

UK                         $10.2M

Germany              $6.1M

France                  $6.0M

Australia              $5.6M

Brazil                    $2.5M

Sweden                $2.4M

Italy                      $2.3M

Mexico                 $2.1M

Denmark              $1.7M

Russia                   $1.6M

Norway                $1.5M

Other terrs          $18.8M

Total                     $60.8M